Container Delivery Guidelines

Container Delivery Guidelines. We have designed a good delivery practice for the smooth and safe transport of your shipping container. It’s hardly going to take a few minutes to examine them. Do not hesitate to reach us if you have any queries.

The most preferred drop site is the ground level to park your storage boxes safely. If it is slightly inclined then it should not exceed more than 5 degrees. In case, the truck or trailer bypasses over any sloped terrain while unloading your container, and harms the tools, that could result in the driver refusing to sell off your container.

container Delivery Guidelines

Well-Suited Road Surfaces

If you are looking for the best suited street surfaces for parking your cargo boxes then Paved street surfaces have proven to be one. We also supply containers in the rural region, however, the minimum expectation of the road surface is supposed to be on a maintained two-lane county road. The bad landing street surfaces come with loose dirt, sand, sand, ditches and trenches, grass areas with soft soil, ice and snow, flooded and muddy areas, steep inclines or declines, sloping surfaces, drains. Also, it’s great if you walk around the container dropping area and get rid of rocks, tree stumps and other different things that can injure our equipment. It’s crucial to keep in mind that most transport vehicles are now not Four Wheel Drive, so they can lose traction and get caught when moved off sealed roads.

container delivery

We Offer Hassle-Free Container Delivery is a pro not only in sourcing quality containers but also delivering them with great perfection at the trickiest locations. All our shipping container delivery equipment is of the best quality and our drivers are fully trained and certified to carry out complex off-loading tasks. The trucks we use undergo regular safety checks to ensure safe unloading of the containers.

While placing the container onto the floor the weight of the container is supposed to be distributed equally on the four metal corner castings. If not, even a little twist in the container can result in making the doorways tough to open and close. Alternatively, you can also select any area where you can place the pavers, hard blocks of wood or railroad ties under the container, do not fail to test that the floor is level.

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