40ft Standard Shipping Container

The 40ft shipping container from everycontainer.com is a storage solution that’s more like a fortress than a shed. It can help you ship lighter cargo like cotton and Styrofoam across the high seas, create a haven for your car, bikes, or even motorcycles, or serve for other purposes.

A payload capacity of the 40ft container allows for loading even the heaviest items. The all-steel construction means it can withstand anything you put at it.

But this 40-foot shipping container for sale is not just tough — it also features corrugated walls and load-bearing marine-grade plywood flooring for added strength, which make it a secure vault for all your possessions.

And here’s one more great feature — the doors swing open to a full 270 degrees. No more struggling to load or unload your stuff.

The 40′ container is also an excellent option for onsite storage if you need a safe place for your vehicles or equipment.

40ft Standard Shipping Containers

40ft Standard Container Dimensions:

At everycontainer.com, 40ft shipping containers for sale are available in the following dimensions:

External measurement12.192m/2.438m/2.591m ( 40’/8’/9’6 )
Internal measurement12.032m/2.352m/2.393m ( 39’6/7’9/7’10 )
Floor area28.33m2 ( 305sqft )
Volume67.7 m3 ( 2,390 cu ft )
Maximum Gross weight32,500kg ( 71,650 lbs )
Tare Weight3,500 kgs (  7,716 lbs )
Payload capacity29,000 kg ( 63,930 lbs )
StructureSteel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior
Designed, Built and CertifiedISO, TIR, UIC, CSC and ABS approved

40ft High Cube Shipping Container

The cost of buying a 40ft shipping container for sale can vary based on several factors, including its condition (new or used) and location. On average, you can expect to pay between $4,000 to $6,000 for a used 40-foot high cube container and around $6,000 to $8,000 or more for a new one.

Used containers are generally more budget-friendly, but the price can vary depending on factors like the container’s age, condition, and any modifications or refurbishments it may have undergone. New 40ft shipping containers are pricier but offer the advantage of being in excellent condition with no prior wear and tear. It’s important to note that prices may also vary based on your location, as shipping container costs can differ from one region to another.

Steel storage containers are highly durable and weather-resistant, designed for the rigors of shipping cargo. They offer excellent protection against theft and vandalism. Steel containers come in various sizes, with standard options like 20-foot and 40-foot containers. High cube containers provide additional height for extra storage space. They can also be customized with features like shelving, insulation, lighting, and electrical installations to suit your specific needs.

PODS are designed for convenient, flexible storage. They are delivered to your location, and you can pack them at your own pace. PODS come in standardized sizes, typically 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot options. While smaller than some steel containers, they are suitable for residential storage. PODS offer limited customization options compared to steel containers. They are designed for general storage, but may not accommodate specialized needs and do not offer the same level of security as steel containers.

40ft High Cube Shipping Container Usability:

  • One of the most appropriate storage and transportation medium.
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant.
  • Excellent for the conversion into dwelling spaces.
  • Load-bearing flooring ensures goods’ safety.
40ft High Cube Container

40ft High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions:

External measurement12.192m/2.438m/2.896m ( 40’/8’/9’6 )
Internal measurement12.032m/2.352m/2.698m ( 39’6/7’9/8’10 )
Floor area28.33m2 ( 305sqft )
Volume76.4 m3 ( 2,700 cu ft )
Maximum Gross weight32,500 kg ( 71,650 lbs )
Tare Weight3,760 kgs ( 8,290 lbs )
Payload capacity28,670 kg ( 63,210 lbs )
StructureSteel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior

40ft Open Top Containers

If you need a solution that is perfect for loading and unloading large and lengthy cargo, you may consider 40ft open top containers from Pelican Containers.

An open top 40ft container is ideal for items like metal tubes, beams, gensets, and storage tanks due to its open-top design and crane compatibility.

We’ve made sure your cargo stays safe to withstand knocks and other external factors that could damage it. The strong timber lining on the entire floor serves as a barrier that protects your massive load from the solid metal floor. It also helps keep your cargo securely in place, preventing any slippage.

Accessibility is important for a 40ft open top container. It has a detachable tarpaulin and roof bows, as well as a swinging header for effortless loading and unloading.

Worried about condensation or “cargo sweat”? Unlike other containers with limited ventilation, ours are equipped with multiple ventilation chutes to eliminate condensation and effectively control temperature.

40 open top containers also have multiple lashing points placed strategically to keep your cargo secure and avoid excessive movements.

And let’s not forget about standards. 40ft open top containers are created, constructed, and accredited to meet ISO, TIR, UIC, CSC, and ABS approvals. You get a container that meets global quality and safety standards.

40ft Open Top Containers

40ft Open Top Container Dimensions:

External measurement12.192m/2.438m/2.591m ( 40’/8’/8’6 )
Internal measurement12.032m/2.352m/2.348m ( 39’6/7’9/7’10 )
Floor area28.33m2 ( 305sqft )
Volume66.4 m3 ( 2,345 cu ft )
Maximum Gross weight32,500kg ( 71,650 lbs )
Tare Weight3,650 kgs ( 8,046 lbs )
Payload Weight28,850 kg ( 63,600 lbs )
AccessibilityRemovable tarpaulin and roof bows, swinging header
StructureSteel doors and panels, timber floor, tarpaulin roof
Designed, Built and CertifiedISO, TIR, UIC, CSC and ABS approved
40Ft High Cube Open Side Container
40Ft High Cube Open Side Container

At everycontainer.com, you can find new and used 40ft opening side shipping containers for sale. These high cube containers have side shutter doors for easy loading and offloading. The cargo can be easily sorted in this type of container.

They are fully lockable, and you can use them for transportation, as an office, garage, warehouse, etc. everycontainer.com offers the best 40ft open side shipping container prices and quality on the world market.

40ft flat rack shipping containers can be loaded from both the top and the sides. We offer new and used high-quality 40ft flat rack containers for sale to store and transport massive cargo.

They come with two hinged front and back panels, which can be folded to create a flat base for heavy equipment.

40Ft Flat Rack Container
40Ft Flat Rack Container

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