20ft containers for sale

20ft containers for sale conditions.
To begin with, NEW “One Trip” containers are shipped from Asia with a single container cargo load. These containers are referred to as “new” or in “like new” condition. One trip containers are ideal if appearance and longevity are top priorities.

Additionally, USED cargo worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. Dents, rust, and corroded paint may be present. The unit is leak proof.

Furthermore,  REFURBISHED cargo worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. The unit has been sanded, all rust removed, and a new coat of primer and paint applied. The container is leak proof.

Finally, everycontainer.com does not sell “AS-IS” or “Wind Water Tight” (WWT) due to the risk of structural integrity.

20Ft Open Side Containers

Dual Access. These containers offer the convenience of dual access. With full single-side opening access and end door access, you have multiple ways to reach your stored items, ensuring quick and easy retrieval.
Wind and Watertight. Our open-side storage containers are built to withstand the elements. They are wind and watertight, providing protection for your valuable belongings against harsh weather conditions.

20′ containers

Secure and Lockable. Security is a top priority. Rest assured that your items are safe and protected in our containers, which are equipped with locking mechanisms to keep your belongings secure.
Forklift Pockets and Corner Castings. For ease of transport and restraint, our containers come with forklift pockets and corner castings. This ensures efficient handling and stability during transportation.
Wooden Floors. The containers feature robust wooden floors, adding to their durability and providing a solid foundation for your stored goods.


Approximately 6.1 meters in length;
2.5 meters in height (General Purpose — GP);
2.6 meters in height (High Cube — HC);
internal capacity of 35m³.
These key features make our 20′ side open shipping containers a practical and reliable storage solution. Whether you need quick access, security, or easy transport, these containers have you covered.

Furthermore  we offer a range of options to meet your specific needs. You can choose from a new or used 20ft container, depends on your budget and preferences. We ensure that all our containers are in excellent condition and ready for use.

20Ft Shipping Containers

20ft Open Side Shipping Container Dimensions:

Are you looking for the right container for shipping cargo? Let’s look at the dimensions of the 20ft opening side shipping containers for sale from Pelican Containers:

External measurement6.06m/2.44m/2.59m (high) (20’/8’/8’6″ (high))
Internal measurement5.8m/2.3m/2.25m (19’4″/7’6″/7’4″)
Maximum Gross weight24,000 kgs ( 52,910 lbs )
Tare Weight2,940 kgs ( 6,480 lbs )
Payload capacity21,060 kgs ( 46,430 lbs )
Floor area13.93m2 ( 150sqft )
Volume30.4m³  ( 1,073ft³ )
StructureSteel doors, sides and roof. Timber floor
Designed, Built and CertifiedISO Certified

20ft Standard Shipping Containers

Firstly, trying to find a shipping container that’s just the right size — not too gigantic, but not tiny either? Well, your search ends at our 20ft shipping container at everycontainer.com.

Secondly, this container is constructed from 14-gauge high-strength corrugated steel and features a sturdy 27mm marine-grade plywood floor, so it is ready to take on whatever you throw at it. It’s CSC certified and ISO-compliant, meaning it’s compatible with all your shipping needs.

Furthermore, the 20ft container has plenty of space for transporting your cargo and is tough enough to handle even the heaviest loads. Worried about the weather or rodents? This container will protect your goods, no matter the conditions.

Buy 20ft containers online

Finally, the 20′ container is also fitted with multiple air vents for proper ventilation and lashing points for secure fastening of your cargo. And for an added layer of security, we’ve added a lockbox.

So, how do you get started? Just visit our website, select a 20-feet container for sale, fill in the fields to request a container, or get more information, and your container will be on its way to you in no time.

20ft Standard Shipping Containers

20ft shipping container has the following dimensions:

External measurement6.058m/2.438m/2.591m ( 20’/8’/8’6 )
Internal measurement5.898m/2.352m/2.348m ( 19’4/7’9/7’8 )
Floor area13.93m2 (150sqft)
Volume32.2 m3 ( 1,170 cu ft )
Maximum Gross weight
30,480 kg ( 67,200 lbs )
Tare Weight
2,080 kgs  ( 4,585 lbs )
Payload capacity28,400 kg ( 62,610 lbs )
StructureSteel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior
Designed, Built and CertifiedISO, TIR, UIC, CSC and ABS approved
20ft Open Top Container
20ft Open Top Container

Containers we offer are specially designed to keep your valuables safe during long-haul transport. We offer 20ft open top containers for sale, which are perfect for transporting boxes of goods, bulky cargo, and large items. These high-quality containers usually come with a sturdy tarpaulin cover to keep your cargo safe and dry. Each container is equipped with multiple lashing points and well-placed ventilation points.

20ft flat rack shipping containers are used mainly for the transportation of oversized cargo, which can be loaded from the top or the sides of the container.

20 flat rack containers don’t have a roof or sides, which makes it effortless to handle large cargo with a loading winch or crane. You never have to worry about cargo being too tall or wide — 20′ flat rack containers can accommodate more than the actual 20 flat rack dimensions suggest.

Our 20-foot flat rack shipping containers are quality-tested to make sure they perform at their best. They are great for carrying tractors, machinery, and construction equipment. With a base and walls constructed from solid Corten steel, these units are light yet as strong as traditional construction metal.

20ft Flat Rack Containers
20ft Flat Rack Containers

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